Dealers are facing inventory shortages that will continue to have an effect on businesses across the automotive industry. Successful stores are taking this 3-prong approach to meet those challenges.
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4th in our Path of Technology series, we explore the 5 various data milestones currently utilized in automotive retail sales. In this series, we tackle the truth about data points.
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As part of incorporating our company values, 3 Birds’ kicks off each week with a leadership meeting where each attendee sharing their ‘one word’. Here's how that's come to life!
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In follow-up to our first blog in an unfolding series, we took a trip down memory lane through what we've coined the Path of Technology. Here, we tackle the truth about Algorithms.
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Can one word compel you to click a button? The art of traditional sales copywriting in conventional mediums has evolved into science as more digital channels continue to advance. Here are just a few power words we've collected that are proven to help engage more opportunities in your marketing copy.
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