Power Words that Build Trust, Spark Interest, and Influence Sales

12.04.21 04:01 PM By Layton Judd

Have you ever read an advertisement and then felt even a little curious to find out more? Do you (honestly) think that one word can compel you to click a button? Historically speaking, the data tells us that the answer to this is probably going to be an astounding YES.  The art of traditional sales copywriting in conventional mediums like newspapers, magazine ads, billboards, direct sales, and even TV has evolved into a science as more digital channels continue to advance. Here are just a few power words we've collected that are proven to help engage more opportunities in your marketing copy. 


A single word can have a huge impact on whether your marketing communications capturing the immediate attention - and trust - of a buyer, or whether it falls flat before its even delivered. Research shows that injecting specific phrases into your headlines can boost share-ability levels by up to 500% alone. Numerous lists of persuasive marketing verbiage can be found with a quick Google search and some are even quite exhaustive. At the end of the day, they all tap into one thing: connecting through emotion.


Time is on your side when it comes to marketing. Use it! If you have a limited-time offer on brake pads, remind them that time is running out.  Better yet, profitably place customers in a new vehicle and create customer retention with steady communication streams that sales and service messaging to customers in positive equity and nearing contract or lease ends. It's win-win for everyone, especially in today's market landscape.

  • Now
  • Soon
  • Immediately
  • Instant
  • Expires
  • Second
  • Last


Don't just make a promise. Keep it! Car buyers have done their research before they even get to your offer, so give it value by being transparent about what it is and who you are. Cut out the dreaded negotiations by getting them closer to the direct sale - and then stick to your word to build that trust.

  • Guarantee
  • Unconditional
  • Promise
  • Pledge
  • Risk-free
  • Sale


Buying a vehicle is second only to as house as the largest purchase most people have.  They spend a lot of time and money in trying to get it right and don't want to jump through a lot of hoops to get them what they need. Help put them at ease with words that give them a sense of reassurance that their investment with your dealership is worry-free.

  • Safe
  • Smooth
  • Painless
  • Tested
  • Easy
  • Satisfaction
  • Guaranteed
  • Best-Seller
  • Protection
  • Success


The automotive industry has been through quite a rollercoaster since the coronavirus pandemic hit. The struggle with supply and demand, changing consumer behavior, and evolving digital retail experience has accelerated the path of technology.  The good news is that new reports show an overall increase for growth in auto sales this year. But take note that overall, U.S. luxury sales rose 20% of the broader 12% industry increase (Auto News). While many factors play into this, why not provide every consumer with the exclusivity  that comes with buying a premium connection?

  • Invite-only
  • Luxurious
  • State-of-the-art
  • Pristine
  • Authentic
  • Ultimate
  • Genuine
  • Premium
  • Limited
  • Exclusive
  • Select

This is a Heading

Now that you've gotten this far, are you interested in the time-tested, tried and true, #1 most powerful word in advertising?  

     -  YOU  -

No, we aren't trying to be clever. The word "you" make what you are saying personal to your audience. And that's the goal here, right? People read this and feel like the copy was written just for them. You see, it's not about 'you', meaning it's not about your dealership or pushing your so-called agenda. To them, it has to be about what's in it for them. 


Words have power. Words can motivate and inspire the sale. Figuring out which words best align with your objectives and brand might require some testing and results analysis - a task that's right up our Digital Strategists alley or just a click away within our Blue Sky Dashboards. We love to discuss data, content, and marketing. We love even more to show you that we aren't just all words. Set up a strategy call - let's walk the talk together soon!