Automotive's First Next-Level CDXP™

Maximize ROI | Deliver Tailored Messaging | Get Advanced Analytics

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Automotive's First

​Next-Level CDXP™

Maximize ROI | Deliver Tailored Messaging | Get Advanced Analytics

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What is it?

The 3 Birds Marketing CONSUMER DATA & EXPERIENCE PLATFORM CDXP™ powers advanced automotive data and analytics to maximize marketing ROI. 

CDXP™ is a cloud-based system that can illustrate a full 360-degree view of a customer. It tracks customer interactions with your dealership and tailors messaging to each customer's intent, needs, and interests. 

Big Picture Data

Gather all of your customers' data in one place, making it easier to leverage that data and craft a customer-centric approach to marketing. 

Efficient Integration

Free up CRM and DMS systems by utilizing CDXP™ to do all the heavy lifting. Allow all of your data systems to work together seamlessly.

Customer-Centric Strategy

Enhance the customer experience and eliminate data silos, while putting your customer at the center of your marketing strategy.

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Providing a customer data and marketing automation platform featuring integration of first party data, data cleansing, structuring and consolidation into unified individual customer records for use by OEMs, franchised dealers, independent dealers, automotive groups, associations and agencies in the automotive, power sports, recreational vehicles, light trucks. Platform as a Service (PAAS) featuring computer software platforms for data management, mining, and modeling, with dynamic automated marketing platform for the deployment of communications to customers and prospects throughout the complete customer journey and vehicle lifecycle for manufacturers, large dealership groups, dealerships OEM regions, associations, and agencies in the field of automotive, power sports, recreational vehicles, and light trucks.

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