In this video interview, Kristen Judd, CEO & Co-Founder of 3 Birds Marketing, introduces Virtual Car Lot™ - combining a configurable data platform and responsive team that empowers dealership clients to attract more trades, stock their lots, and accelerate beyond future market challenges.
28.07.21 10:45 PM - Comment(s)
Kristen Judd, CEO & Co-Founder of 3 Birds Marketing, shares a success story of how one dealership immediately maximized a profitable opportunity with a lease-ending customer uncovered in their own database.
15.07.21 07:48 AM - Comment(s)
In this interview, Kristen Judd, CEO & Co-Founder at 3 Birds Marketing encourages business leaders in automotive to invest in themselves and partner with agility. Watch here as she describes what that means with powerful advice to prepare for what's next.
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Dealers are struggling with inventory shortages that will continue to have an effect on businesses across the automotive industry. Virtual Car Lot™ answers with a strategy to meet those challenges now with an eye on what's next.
21.06.21 12:05 PM - Comment(s)