Video: Dealer Success Story - Lease Data for the Win[Win!] 

15.07.21 07:48 AM By Layton Judd

In this interview, Kristen Judd, CEO & Co-Founder of 3 Birds Marketing, shares a success story: How one dealership immediately maximized a profitable opportunity with a lease-ending customer uncovered in their own database.



I was speaking with our VP of sales this morning and she was out and paying a visit on one of our clients. They were at their Virtual Car Lot™ and at some of the data together. They, like many other dealers, are trying to find used car inventory to make up for some of the shortages in new car inventory right now, and she was pointing out some of the places that you can go in the Blue Sky Dashboard to find it. While looking the lease expirations coming up, they found a customer that was in a penalty position. Her lease was going be up in two months and she was going to be owing about $2,600 in penalties for going over her mileage amount. They literally called her on the phone while our VP was in the dealership and scheduled an appointment for her to come in that afternoon. The customer was delighted because the dealerships was being helpful to her. That's a win-win situation.

When you're using the data in a smart way, everybody wins.

The dealership was able to show the customer that they are paying attention. They are paying attention to the data. We help them to pay attention to it, the dealership gets a vehicle for their inventory, and the customer avoids the hefty penalty - and that's where you find these opportunities. 

I think that in automotive, everybody wants to throw the Hail Mary pass, but it's really a game of inches, not miles. Times like this are when you have to dig deep, look at what you have already at your fingertips, and find every one of those deals. They're in there, you just need to look at the data.