4 old technologies that set 3 Birds apart as the best-in-class new technology coming to automotive. Anissa Gordon, VP of Sales, shares more.
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Consumer buying habits have changed. With less initial face-to-face interaction, acquiring purchase-ready leads in real-time is becoming even more difficult for car dealerships. But it does not have to be....
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3 Birds welcome new members to their team, expanding their physical sales presence across the U.S. They are excited to share their expertise with dealership-partners in service to their continued success. Read more to get to know each of them a little better.
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Personalization is the underlying key to uncovering sales and service revenue opportunities in your own database that your dealership may already consider lost. But where do you start? WITH the data, of course.
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Personalization is the future of marketing. Use it to optimize the path to purchase and develop vehicle interest into full-blown purchase intent and influence the sale.
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