3 Birds' bridges the gap between dealers and consumers. This is especially important to a program we’ve named "The Road Back" to reconnect with consumers who might feel nervous with any part of the vehicle lifecycle experience since the pandemic. We're all on the road back now!
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In follow up to her latest blog, Kristen Judd gives more thought to the idea of “future-proofing” the automotive dealership.Continue reading to find out more about what that means and how 3 Birds’ dealers are grabbing a bigger piece of the market share.
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In follow up to her latest Feedback from the Field article, Anissa Collins takes a look at how consumer behavior has changed as we begin to emerge on the other side of the pandemic pause, with more reactions directly from her dealers' perspective.
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Communication during crisis is key. COVID-19 puts that (and us!) to the test. Ensure your strategy includes appropriate messaging that connects your customers to your brand with sales, service and retention in mind.
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Not to toot our own horn, but we do like to share a few wins on behalf of the dealers who inspire us here and there. This is one of those stories.
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