DEALER SUCCESS STORY: How Conquest Email Can Delivery 3 to 5 Times Higher Conversions Than Your Current Strategy

27.01.22 03:31 AM By Layton Judd

As inventory challenges continue into the new year, customer brand loyalty seems to have declined, too. This means that your customer is more likely to shop at another dealership if they are unable to find what they are looking for at yours. Our Consumer Data & Experience Platform CDXP™ is the complete customer journey and vehicle lifecycle activation solution provides a safety net for your current database investment against aggressive offers and the wild west of current market landscapes by maintaining communication and building a strong relationship with your customers.

This also opens up an opportunity to conquest customers who are looking elsewhere who aren't already swimming in the same conquest pond drowning in generic, tone-deaf messaging. Let 3 Birds help you lift your own head above water and empower your sales and service teams with a data-driven strategy proven to grow your data assets and increase revenue.


Simply put, what sets us apart is our use of clean and unique data and 98% whitelisted deliverability. Our goal is to expand your current database with targeted email campaigns proven to intrigue in-market shoppers, encourage trades, and increase service traffic.

We go outside of the automotive industry and reach beyond the same data pool that every other dealership and provider is using. Some conquest companies boast thousands upon thousands of datapoints utilized, driving the cost upwards as the numbers to up. We pull in only thoughtfully customized and relevant data filters from the healthcare, education, military, and other industries, for instance. We go a bit further by not only targeting the usual geographic data, specific and competitive brand data, in-market flags, propensity to buy, and credit and equity status, we dive into deeper intent data, hobby and interest data, nuanced life-event triggers, household income levels, aftermarket service data to reach consumers who currently have their vehicles serviced outside the dealership, and more.


While we like to think there are many, the advantage of conquesting with 3 Birds is:

  • We are able to efficiently create sales and/or service focused messages.
  • We are true conquest, suppressing the dealership's database so that only new customers is reached (no double dipping!)
  • We are a quick, most cost-effective way to acquire new customers - whether for sales or service.
  • Our targeting parameters are basically limitless - we can get as granular with targeting dealership wants and needs.


One proven strategy is a monthly a conquest that focuses between a mixed sales and targeted trade message followed by a service-specific message on the opposite month. Here are a few ideas on how that plan has played out or a few of our most successful conquest dealers given the goals and initiatives shared with their dedicated Digital Strategists:


Conquest to all in-market and current owners of (various) 2010-2019 vehicles within a 15-mile radius of the dealership: 

This represents the most targeted approach to meet this particular dealership's objective.  Not only are these people actively in-market, they also own a vehicle that is most similar to (the dealership's brand), increasing the likelihood that they purchase if the right message is put in front of them. 


Conquest to all in-market and current owners of a 2010-2019 Sedan, SUV/Mini-Van, or Truck across all OEMs within a 25-mile radius of the dealership:

This plan casts a wider net by reaching all OEMs. These people are “in-market”, so the likelihood of them purchasing is high. The message needs to be compelling to convince this segment why they should chose (the dealership's brand) over another OEM. We would recommend including a service blurb at the bottom of the email alerting readers that “We Service All Makes and Models” to raise awareness that they can service their vehicle at the dealership even if they do not purchase. 


Conquest all current owners of a 2010-2019 Sedan, SUV/Mini-Van, or Truck owners (all OEMs) within a 25-mile radius of the dealership:

This plan casts the largest net. The strategy is to  target all owners of sedans, SUVs/mini-vans, and trucks. Although a person is not “in-market” doesn't mean they don't have the intent to purchase if the right offer was presented to them. Since the vehicle they currently own would be at least 2+ years old, this increases the likelihood of purchase as well. Again we recommend putting a blurb at the bottom of the email to inform them that “We Service All Makes and Models” in case they are not ready to purchase but are in need of service and lives close to the dealership.


How do these options perform? Here are just a few of those results.


Personalized mixed sales/service message: 

  • One email was sent to 50,000 in-market conquest email addresses produced an ROI matchback of 7 vehicles sold and 55 Closed ROs for service. 
  • The conquest was the #2 overall source of referral traffic to the dealership’s website for a 7-day period, with 97.9% of that being new sessions.
These results alone show how the mixed sales/service conquest strategy was effective in driving new users/customers to the dealership


One sales email was sent to 50,000 in-market conquest email addresses that resulted in an ROI matchback of 20 vehicles sold.


Personalized sales message:

  • One email was sent to 50,000 in-market conquest addresses and delivered an ROI matchback of 5 vehicles sold and 118 Closed ROs for service.
  • The conquest was the 33 overall source of referral traffic to the dealership's website for a 7-day. period, with 98% of that being new sessions.


One sales email was sent to 50,000 in-market conquest addresses and drove ROI matchbacks of 17 vehicles sold and 143 Closed ROs for service.

All that shown, it's fair to add the disclaimer that *RESULTS ARE TYPICAL. 

But don't take our word for it...

We have been with 3 Birds Marketing for years. Our Digital Strategist is a part of our extended team and always eager to assist in finding the best data for our email marketing. I enjoy seeing the bump in my website traffic, engagement, and conversions on days after a campaign - always doubling and often tripling my website attributions.


If any of this piques your interest, we'd love to set up a no-obligation Conquest Strategy call and brainstorm about the business objectives and marketing initiatives you’ve established for your dealership - and how to advance them.