Accelerate Marketing and Sales Results with Purchase Intent Data 

06.08.21 03:21 PM By Layton Judd

The automotive landscape has quickly shifted, with purchase intent data being a ‘new’ mountain to climb - a real turning point in the road to digital marketing success. We’ve been taking our most successful dealership partners to those same heights with our complete customer journey and vehicle lifecycle business intelligence platform for over a decade. Our current roadmap is ahead of schedule and to accelerate even farther with the launch of our Consumer Data Platform (CDP) yet this year. This level of purchase intent data delivers access to untapped demand and drives a higher volume of qualified opportunities through the funnel. 


Very simply put, intent data provides insight into a consumer's purchase intent; allowing you to identify if and when a prospect is actively considering to buy, sell, trade, or service a vehicle. Pulling from multiple digital sources, intent data can pinpoint when a prospect is in an active buying journey and enable informed, timely campaign responses.


To truly understand the insights of any particular source, it’s important to understand the context and from what interactions the data comes. The most actionable intent data delivers real people engaging with your marketing and analyses exactly what those interactions have been. Many sources provide only hints of behavior at a general contact and predictive level. We can now include an additional layer of timing, relevance, and circumstances within campaigns, providing a more comprehensive view than more traditional profiling. Why guess when you can know? Now you can reimagine the revenue chain as you understand it today.

3 Birds identifies user-intent from directly activating data and capturing user-behavior. Our library of purpose-driven automotive content attracts prospects and influences sales, service, and retention customers across multiple touchpoints at the individual level and at just the right time. Because this behavior is occurring within our own digital properties and that of our dealership-clients, the context is completely visible and actionable. You see, we don’t just serve up customer behavior. We follow the activity up in real-time with quality, personalized, dynamic messaging that automatically deliver the information your consumer needs to make a sales or service decision faster. Utilizing a platform scaled towards a consumer data experience drives an ‘always-on’ environment of insight into your audience no matter what type of digital campaign you undertake.


Is it fair to say that the consumer journey can change from wanting a new car, to looking a certified pre-owned vehicle, to then deciding to just service and hold out a little longer on a purchase or trade? Absolutely. There are at least a dozen more scenarios that transpire every day that are similar to that one. Your marketing efforts must hold up to that kind of thought process; to zig and zag as many times as the human brain changes it's mind or diverts it's attention in order to deliver the critical information they demand at just the right time to ensure your dealership always gets their business.


Intent data is still a new concept to many and so likewise, many of the technologies currently available were not built to leverage it well. Many processes are also not yet in place to accelerate growth. Early adapters who choose a partner with a configurable platform, user-friendly tech stack, and agile team can mean the difference between gaining the competitive advantage and ensuring positive momentum for both Marketing and Sales departments sooner rather than the inevitable later.

If the concept is new to your dealership, it might be tempting to ‘wait and see’ or ‘test the waters’. That can mean uploading a group of unengaged contacts for conquest or even taking it one step farther to begin a drip campaign. This is a great beginning strategy! And moving consumers down a qualification sales will certainly yield some early wins. 

So now let's go even farther. By developing multiple streams of messaging based on intent data and behavioral analytics not only provides deeper data insights and immediate access to well-qualified engagers in real-time, you can serve up a constant flow of leads to Sales that's supported by context so that they can close more appointments and more deals with their lips already loaded. Intent data is most valuable because you become much smarter about who’s in-market and what they actually care about - and getting sales involved quickly after the initial marketing handoff is a win-win. 


True business intelligence lets the actual buyers’ real activities guide you and allows your dealership to break free of the restrictive persona models and limiting time- and demographic- based filtering. Elevating behavior marketing and intent data is crucial as consumers demand more than what historic data alone can show. The bonus? Valuable engaged opportunities crop up in data you might otherwise have abandoned or lost. Now you can recapture them and convert them before another dealership beats you to the punch.

Interested to know more? We’d love to learn more about your dealership’s specific short- and long- term objectives and strategize more.