Exhaustive Content Library Includes Seasonal Articles [and More!]: Why It's a Big Deal and Profitable Ways To Use It

02.09.21 01:17 PM By Layton Judd


...Our omnichannel library is chock full of professionally- and custom-designed, OEM-specific, results-proven content and creative; taking the burden off your digital marketing teams and agencies by providing them with cohesive marketing assets right at their fingertips. It’s the ultimate value-add.


  • Because content is expensive.
    • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars and time lost in internal or outsourced content creation with our ready-made and tested professionally-designed creative.
  • Because OEM compliance is tricky.
    • We've done all the heavy-lifting here. OEM-specific, compliant, and pre-approved content and creative that's ripe for the picking.
  • Because size matters
    • Thousands of assets are kept up-to-date and easily available including:
      • Articles
      • Coupons
      • Employee Profiles
      • FAQs
      • Forms
      • Custom HTLM Snippets
      • Image Placeholders
      • Offers
      • Social Media Posts
      • Videos
  • Because your website, social, and marketing teams deserve it.
    • Be the hero by providing a wide selection of digital resources they need right at their fingertips.


You understand why we included OEM specific promotions, get-to-know your vehicle articles, vehicle accessory highlights, service how-to videos, and customizable coupons, contact forms, and staff highlights...but what's up with articles about hot vacation destinations, pet features, and fall family fun or recipes or decor? Why should you care?  

Well, you probably don't. But your dealership prospects and customers do. 

You see, peppering lifestyle features among other promotional pieces is part of a long-proven engagement strategy. Buying and servicing a vehicle is not something a consumer does, or even thinks about, every single month. However, they are more open to keeping your dealership top-of-mind when you are engaging with them every single month - especially when you include topics on which THEY care. Nobody wants to be sold to all the time. They want to build a trusted and respected relationship with your brand. 


Enter the magic of our Temperature Gauge newsletter product. Delivered monthly, this fully-responsive web and email piece is the one type of communication that delivers to your entire database. It is also one of our best-performing products not only in terms of opens and clicks (although those are far above average, too!).

The Temperature Gauge is what we call internally our 'Trojan Horse". It's a key communication stream in our complete consumer journey and vehicle lifecycle marketing loop with the purpose of gaining access into deep behavioral analytics, collecting valuable data, and keeping people connected to your dealership. 

It's so effective in gathering interest and intent data that we strengthen its application with the "Power of 3" - custom content geared towards 3 different audience segments and included as part of 3 additional products: Lead AcceleratorService Accelerator, and Smart Sales Accelerator.  Packing 3 times the punch by taking the pulse of your entire database and pivoting our automated messaging according to each digital interaction.


We mentioned that Temperature Gauge is a leading source in driving traffic to our dealers' websites and converting that traffic into sales. Don't believe it? You don't have to take our word for it. 

We not only track performance in our own robust Blue Sky Dashboards, but our dedicated Digital Strategy experts go the extra mile to set up goals and other metrics within Google Analytics to ensure accurate attribution and influencer metrics. 

How do we rate in Google?  3 Birds Marketing consistently ranks among the top 6 traffic sources to our dealerships' websites. It is not uncommon for the Temperature Gauge newsletter to rival or beat paid search and social ads. 


If you've read this far, we thought you deserved a real example of a seasonal article. So to celebrate the beginning of September, here's a fun preview into fall. Get ready now, because autumn officially kicks off on Wednesday, September 22nd. 

Read the below "Autumn Activities for the Whole Family". Note how we personalize the article to your dealership and data with various merge codes and compelling CTAs. 

Oh, and don't wait too late to get your very own, data-enhancing, leading traffic driving Temperature Gauge set up before the leaves start falling!

Fall is right around the corner and there are so many things to look forward to: pulling out your favorite sweaters, drinking warm coffee, and cooler weather. It doesn't take much for us to get into the autumn spirit, but these fun activities are a great way for you and your whole family to celebrate one of the best seasons of the year. 

Decorate Your Home

The best way to get into the spirit of any season is to decorate your home. Create a wreath, put out some ceramic pumpkins, add cozy throw blankets and light some candles with your favorite fall scents. Even if it's still quite warm outside, these decorations can put you in the fall mindset.

Bake Your Favorite Fall Treats

Flavors like apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, and roasted pecan can teleport you into the holidays. These flavors are associated with cooler weather, coy nights, and time with family. Bake some cookies or your favorite pie with the kids or prepare a tasty treat to share with your extended family.

Get Outside

Fall offers a reprieve from the extreme heat of summer and it'd be a shame to waste the more mild temperatures by staying indoors. Hiking, biking, and visiting outdoor historic landmarks are all great ways to get some light exercise while spending time with loved ones. For avid outdoors enthusiasts, camping and backpacking trips can be even more exciting during the fall months.

Have a Bonfire

Whether you want to build a fire in the woods or your own backyard, it can be a great way to share time with loved ones and make some tasty s'mores. Just make sure to follow local guidelines and have a safe way to snuff out the flames if you need to. 

Visit a Farm

Fall harvests make farms a fun place to visit during the fall. Many farms that allow visitors have attractions like corn mazes, hayrides, pumpkin patches, apple picking, and more. Ask around to find one that will be perfect for your next autumn day trip.

Go for a Drive

Once the leaves start changing colors, go for a drive with your family. You can drink hot coffee or cocoa, and check out the changing landscape. You could even venture into the mountains and enjoy how picturesque they look as the foliage begins to change. Need the perfect vehicle for a fall adventure? The [client] team can pair you with the perfect vehicle for your family. [Contact Us] online todayor visit our [city] showroom.