Leads Over Easy

07.12.20 06:57 AM By Gina

Advanced Easy Buttons Deliver Fresh Leads Daily

Q: What’s better than walking in your dealership every morning and scrambling for hot leads to feed your BDC, Call Center, or other hungry lead funnel? 

A: Leads over-easy; Served fresh daily on a silver platter directly to your dealership.

No, this isn't the beginning of a knock-knock joke or the punchline to why the chicken crossed the road. But it is a good visual to the grind that most managers feel when in the pressure cooker of delivering leads to their teams day in and day out.  Developing sales and service business for the dealership, improving engagement, building relationships, and increasing appointment conversion rates is the end game. 3 Birds Advanced Easy Buttons helps you win more customers at the pass.

Yes, we're mixing metaphors here.  At the end of the day, our Advanced Easy Buttons not only help identify and conquest in-market vehicle shoppers but includes behavioral data to inform the conversation and influence leads further down the funnel within a consolidated movers-list in just one click.   

Advanced Easy Buttons

Our 'easy buttons' help your dealership stay ahead of your lead strategy with a fresh and focused list of engaged opportunities every day. You get:

  • Quick Access - Just point...and click. (It really is that easy.)
  • Real Time - Feed your funnel with sales and service prospects and customers who have interacted with your dealership in the last 24 hours (24 hours a day!)
  • Smart Data - Drill down your hottest customers and know the moment make, model, and new vs. used interests evolves and purchase behavior changes. Gain insights into owned vs. desired model, trade and equity values, declined service details, and much more.

There is so much more to our full customer journey and vehicle lifecycle communications and data platform than what we've described here. We'd love to talk to you about your lead strategy and find out Advanced Easy Buttons can help tip the scales for your dealership towards even more profit - working smarter and not harder. 

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