DEALER SUCCESS STORY: Inventory Recovery with Smart Sales Accelerators

28.04.21 06:00 AM By Layton Judd

Metro Atlanta Honda Dealer Traces Sales Matchbacks to Identify His Ideal Customer 
in Today's Challenging Inventory Landscape.

The automotive industry is currently experiencing unprecedented times in the used-vehicle market. High demand, low supply, and rising wholesale values find dealerships scrambling for alternative and affordable ways to obtain inventory other than the auctions. One Metro Atlanta dealer has continued to win despite these challenges not only above and beyond their own expectations, but winning out over their competition as well. 

'Our Clients’ Success is Our Success' is one of our most important company values that we consistently strive to achieve. This is one of those success stories. But rather than tell it ourselves, here is what our dealership partner had to say...

"My GM and I met to go over our sales matchbacks and it's gratifying to see names and dates align.  I appreciate the work that is being done here.  We're able to identify the sales customers that meet the ideal profile of who we are looking for. 

Here's an example:

  1. She came in and very specifically bought a 2020 Honda Fit - our oldest piece of new car inventory
  2. She lives in Athens (an area we do NOT target)
  3. She traded in a car
  4. Her trade is already sold


We know the customer name and her email address by matchback.


Everything about her is exactly what we are looking for as a perfect model sales customer.  She lives close, but not technically in our “area defined by Honda", we are not spending traditional advertising dollars to reach her, she comes in, buys our oldest unit, and has a wonderful trade experience.


We consider this not only a 3birds win, but it’s really a straight-line steal from our competition."

Upon further review, the client's dedicated Digital Strategist helped take a deeper dive into this particular customer journey and vehicle lifecycle to find out exactly what motivated the path to purchase to this dealership. This kind of analysis identifies patterns in consumer behavior unique to the dealership's market in order to replicate the process and duplicate continued success.

They found that:

  • Approximately 15% of the engaged opportunities delivered on a single email would have gone otherwise untouched, unmarketed, and unrealized. 
  • The prospect received a "New Arrivals Alert" email, one of our top performing Sales Intent messages in the Smart Sales Accelerator product stream.
  • The prospect opened the email and clicked through 15 pages on the dealership's website 
  • The prospect purchased the same vehicle browsed in the click path 
  • 4 more sales were influenced by the same email; representing more than a 6% conversion rate. (Remember - these are influenced sales that never would have happened it weren't for 3 Birds' communications.)


Dealers are faced with the challenge of having low inventory or none at all. They are having to get creative to keep up with units sold month over month. Part of the solution is being given the opportunity to purchase vehicles from ALL sources outside traditional trade-ins and auctions. 3 Bird can help.

It's one thing to say you can identify high-potential buyers, communicate with intelligent marketing, and provide an ideal customer persona based on predictive algorithms in theory - it's quite another to deliver real buyers with real trades in real time and in real life from real untapped data that's generated from real behavioral and transactional analytics. 

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