Dealer Results: Lead Generation and Your Dealership's Success.

06.11.20 11:15 AM By Gina

Lead Generation is Crucial to Your Dealership's Success. Sales Are Even More Important. Lead Accelerator Maximizes Both.

Much has changed in the car business and consumer behavior continues to evolve. But one truth remains the same; quality leads are critical to your dealership's success. Does this sometimes seem easier said than done?  Developing an optimal marketing strategy to grab the attention of your buyers can be a challenge. Growth comes down to maintaining a healthy pipeline of new potential vehicle buyers and utilizing the right people, process, and platform to maximize efficiency and performance. 

So our question to you today is this: Are you maximizing your dealership leads? Take a look at our latest results produced with LEAD ACCELERATOR.


What Is Lead Accelerator?

Lead Accelerator is just one part of the Complete Consumer Journey and Vehicle Lifecycle within the within the 3 Birds Business Intelligence and Customer Data Experience Platform. It includes communication streams that targets new, used, and certified pre-owned prospects through their first 90 days of lead capture. 

How long does your sales team work your leads? 30 days? It's probably more like 15 days if we are honest. It's human and business nature. Lead Accelerator makes sure you aren't wasting valuable opportunities. 

  • QUICK START ensures all new incoming leads receive a timely quality first response and dynamically follows up based on purchase intent.

How often does a prospect buy the exact vehicle or even the model for which they originally submitted a lead? That's right...hardly ever. Wouldn't you like to know the moment a shopper changes their mind? Or when the flip from looking at new to considering used or an off-brand pre-owned vehicle?

Approximately 60% of shoppers who submit a lead online buy a different model than the one to which they inquired. Model interest changes. Budget realities alter plans. Now your messaging can pivot when this inevitably happens.

  • FAST PATH is dynamic inventory-based follow-up messaging ensures that prospects continue to receive relevant updates and new arrivals as even as model interest and new vs. used interest evolves.

Lead Accelerator "listens" to what the customer is saying when they are shopping and changes the messaging according to the changing interest - whether the prospect ever speaks with anyone directly at the dealership or not - to influence purchase intent and increase conversions. 

  • ALWAYS ON means your lead responses don't sleep on the job. Your website is always open, your follow-ups should be, too. Our platform is always on, always learning, and always working to give you the peace-of-mind of quality automation.

Leads that receive a response within a few minutes of their submission can lead to a 65% likelihood of visiting your dealership.  

Having an agile, responsive sales team will complement your lead generation strategy. 

Curious to see these results directly from our Blue Sky Dashboard? Let's schedule a demonstration soon.