Word on the Street: Is Your Marketing Strategy Agile? Here's Why It Matters!

30.09.20 04:13 AM By Gina

Our take on what was said...

A recent article by Forbes titled "11 Top Tips For Developing Agile Marketing Strategies That Work" really hit the nail on the head for us. We've always called our Business Intelligence and Consumer Data Platform agile as a way to describe the technology, but sometimes struggle to convey why that's important to our automotive dealers as it translates quite literally into their marketing success. 

What a marketing tool IS, is what it DOES after all.


"In the modern world of marketing, being able to adapt quickly is crucial."

Prepare for Business Interruptions

A strong and agile continuity plan that responds to any curves that lie ahead allows your organization to embrace the chaos when it happens. Technology can help take the wheel digitally when brick and mortar business is challenged. 

Removing Silos

Collaboration of people and of technology to bring together processes and data rather than compete, allowing your dealership to identify new customer needs and act quickly to meet them. Breaking down silos better equips you organization to isolate business and marketing strengths and integrate innovative solutions that focus on efficiency and effectiveness, quality over quantity, and do more with less. 

Realize that partners that provide multiple services will have overlapping attribution. A unified performance platform can help you pinpoint where that overlap is first to uncover what data should be measured cross-functionally, so you can track the true impact of your marketing efforts.

Grow With Innovation

The tech world has always known what most of us learn when faced with a potential business halt; progress doesn't happen by staying the same. Agile methodology is a core component of technology and now marketing departments are realizing its value as useful tool to develop adaptable strategies that implement efficiently. Testing what's new can push a dealership out of its comfort zone, but doing so digitally is swift and painless - and learning from the data gathered imperative to pivoting short-term strategies towards future long-term success. 

If you haven't already, we can help your dealership strategize in prep for the current environment and find new ways to move accelerate forward. 

Source: Forbes Community Council Paid Program Post