By Kristen Judd


3 Birds has been partnering with automobile dealerships, automotive groups, OEMs, and agencies for more than ten years, but I still find that many people continue to associate us with the 3 Birds product that they were introduced to first.

For many dealers, who first came across 3 Birds in our early days, we are recognized as “the newsletter company.” The newsletter is the foundational product that we originally brought to market for automobile dealers that also publishes to a dedicated website. Many other dealers, initially acquainted with us through our Digital Evaluation program that we provide to certain manufacturers, are pleasantly surprised to learn that we have an automated marketing and data management platform that we’ve developed solely for the automotive industry.

Now please don’t misunderstand the point I’m making. We love our digital newsletter and the Digital Evaluation. They are both outstanding products that provide a tremendous amount of insight and value, but they are part of a much bigger picture and a vision that we have been working toward since we founded 3 Birds. The larger vision relates to the way that 3 Birds has always combined content and data to create a virtuous cycle of mining data to deliver targeted content in communications, using content to gauge interest and enhance the existing data to fuel more accurate predictive models and inform the delivery of increasingly relevant communications and so on and so on. 

This approach enables us to effectively quarterback a dealership’s prospect and customer communications across the consumer journey and vehicle lifecycle and to adapt to the twists and turns along the way. The lifecycle has never been a fixed track that all consumers march around at the same speed even though many customer retention or service messaging programs are built on this assumption. 3 Birds tests traditional time and mileage-based markers to produce signals because our software is smart enough to “listen” and adapt to what is being communicated through interactions with content. It really is as cool as it sounds. 

If you didn’t know that 3 Birds had come so far but you like the sound of it, I encourage you to take a fresh look at what we have to offer. Our new website answers the – so what do you do at 3 Birds? – question and provides the specifics on what you get with each of our solutions. We also love to brainstorm about the business objectives and marketing initiatives you’ve established for your dealership and how to advance them. There is no shortage of great ideas here at 3 Birds so let’s schedule a strategy session.

Kristen Judd