Leah O'Connor

VP of Customer Success

Leah Griffin | VP of Performance Management | 3 Birds Marketing

Passionate about solving problems and developing targeted marketing solutions, Leah’s goal is to help clients further their marketing efforts and ultimately increase ROI. She is well-versed in automotive, having been raised in a second-generation family business in the industry and spending the past seven years in automotive marketing. Leah is committed to finding the optimum solution for clients and strives to always leave others better than she found them.


What is your favorite 3 Birds’ Core Value?

My tie for favorite: (1) Set the bar higher for yourself than anyone else will. (2) Our clients' success is our success.

The last thing you binge watched (or binge listened)?

"The Office" - it never gets old!

When not at 3 Birds, what do you like to do?

Hangout with friends, exercise, and travel

If you had to pick just one food to eat for the rest of your life, it would be?

If calories didn't count...french fries all day!

What is your 6 word memoir?

Smiling is ALWAYS a good idea.