CEO and Co-Founder

Kristen Judd | CEO | 3 Birds Marketing

As a former criminal defense attorney, Kristen Judd honed her passion for high quality content tailored to specific audiences, powers of persuasion and “marketing” chops in challenging arenas. As co-founder and CEO of 3 Birds Marketing, she combines these skills with an unwavering commitment to partnering with clients and bringing a consumer-focused perspective to increasing transparency, trust and loyalty between dealerships and consumers. This fresh approach has resonated with dealers across the country. She believes in “pushing without being pushy,” driving continuous development of 3 Birds’ integrated digital marketing solutions and analytics programs, creating greater impact and marketing effectiveness and building lasting client relationships at every level of automotive retail.

Today, Kristen continues to make a case for disrupting the traditional automotive marketing paradigm. Whether she is spearheading industry-leading surveys on digital CX, or pushing conversations about the way our industry thinks about ROI, or entering comprehensive OEM partnerships to provide enterprise-level analytics and insight solutions on the online presence of dealerships all across the country, Kristen won’t stop pushing because she still believes that dealers deserve more.


What is your favorite 3 Birds’ Core Value?

Hustle Tenaciously

The last thing you binge watched (or binge listened)?

Binge watched: Ozark. Binge listened: This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis ( and Armchair Expert (

When not at 3 Birds, what do you like to do?

Run, be outside in the sunshine, move and work up a sweat, go to my daughters' field hockey and lacrosse games, explore new places.

If you had to pick just one food to eat for the rest of your life, it would be?

So tough! It would be a toss up between pizza with the perfect crust, dark chocolate and avocado.

What is your 6 word memoir?

When others zig, I'd rather zag.