Love is in the air at
NADA 2020

Las Vegas - Valentine's Day 2/14–2/17


Consumers are more connected...

...and more fickle than ever. We’ve just entered a new decade and yes, so much of the technology we rely on is siloed, outdated, and self-involved. Navigating it all is no sunset walk on the beach!

So why not fly into your Blue Sky with 3 Birds instead? Our dynamic, integrated, automated marketing and data management platform pushes the industry standard forward with a fresh approach to business intelligence in automotive. Data you can market on. Data you can train on.

Recognizing and adapting to the twists and turns along today’s customer journey and vehicle lifecycle, our comprehensive marketing loop uses content to anticipate interests and nurture it into full-blown, low-funnel purchase intenders – ensuring that prospects fall in love at first sight and your customers only have eyes for you.

It really is ALMOST too good to be true!

Look for these faces in Vegas!

Kristen Judd
​CEO, Co-Founder

Layton Judd
​President, Co-Founder

Anissa Collins
​VP of Sales

Jack Victor
​National Sales Director

Anthony Ciuffo
​Regional Sales Director

Clay Collins
​Regional Sales Manager

Gina Reuscher
Demand Generation & Content Marketing Director

Leah Griffin
Dealer Performance Director

Tiffany Walker
​Product Release & Marketing Director

Donna Cornelius
​CRM Ops & Client Service Manager