Hi, I'm Christy Hicks...

The Regional Sales Manager for Mid East States including MI, OH, and PA. 

Tapping into my extensive background in sales and communication technology, I shifted my focus towards high-profile marketing organizations in the automotive industry to help Dealers profitably move into the emerging digital advertising and multi-media space. I've been selling, developing and implementing digital programs, and providing outstanding customer service ever since. 

Let's get started on your success today!

Proven & Evolved Tech

Think Amazon. Think Netflix. 

Think Google.

Real-Time Engagement

Automated marketing that dynamically pivots your message right when it counts. 

Personalized Experience

Influence the road to the sale; develop interest into purchase intent.

Drive Revenue Growth

The best customers are the untapped opportunities hidden in your own data.

More Leads

Clone your highest value customers and make smarter budget decisions.

Behavioral Analytics

Organizations that leverage consumer behavior data outperform those that don't.