3 Birds Continues to Innovate New Digital Marketing Products and Feature Enhancements for Automotive Dealers Through Worldwide Business Pause

10.09.20 02:12 AM By Gina

New data-driven products optimize a dealership's untapped sales and service opportunities, improves the customer experience, maximizes inventory intake, and increase revenue with proven results.

As the world took pause to address the coronavirus pandemic, 3 Birds Marketing continued to innovate our business intelligence and communications platform with new data segments and communication streams, add powerful attribution analytics, develop deeper data-mining tools, and improve product bundles. This empowers automotive dealers with even more robust ways to dynamically and continuously engage every opportunity within their own database most likely purchase or service their vehicles that convert into immediate ROI wins, while adding new valuable data to their first-party owned assets. These results are in addition to what they might produce with current third-party digital marketing efforts. 

The 3 Birds platform and product roadmap was well positioned to respond to immediate market challenges facing dealers due to COVID-19; providing additional support to partners, executing compliance with aggressive incentives provided by manufacturers, and of course studying the vast amounts of online vehicle shopping data. As expected, we found that consumers spent even more time conducting online research during this time. We also focused on providing an exceptional digital customer experience by reducing the amount of time consumers have to spend in the dealership.

We not only ensured that our current clients were able to continue to deliver timely lifecycle messaging, but also developed focused marketing and communication strategies that helped them pivot their businesses with the agility required to push forward and adapt to changing consumer behavior. The extremely high rates of engagement that we saw as a result led us to our next post-pandemic momentum phase dubbed "The Road Back". This recovery plan targeted building consumer confidence, dealership value, business continuity, and creating quick revenue wins. Thanks to our own valued customers who considered 3 Birds essential to their business, we were able to advance into innovation-mode with zero churn. 

We had our heads down doing the work - meeting the need of our dealers, being good partners, and mobilizing resources without pretension. Now that we've all come up for a bit of air, we gladly introduce you to a few of those product launches today....


Driver Packages

Our new DRIVER PACKAGES incorporates the best of our full Business and Consumer Intelligence Platform with our latest new products and feature enhancements to further complete the consumer journey and vehicle lifecycle digital marketing communication loop. 

We've reconfigured our Accelerators to afford our dealership-clients the same flexibility that is mirrored in the agility of the products themselves; built to drive every sales and service interaction further to immediate revenue and retention opportunities.


Equity Accelerator

Our Equity Accelerator goes beyond: beyond data that simply identifies customers in a positive equity position, beyond the service bay, beyond keys-for-keys campaigns, beyond siloed CRM and DMS data, beyond transactional, locational, and historical data. We go beyond other data-mining software with a hyper-targeted, multi-point digital strategy that brings it all together. Profitably place previously sold customers into a new vehicle and create customer retention with ongoing, always-on, behavior-based purchase intent communication.

Identifiers Included:
  • Equity Advantage Program
  • Lease Penalty
  • Service Appointments
Equity Accelerator Outstanding Dealer Results
Quick access to additional in-equity identifiers including owned vs. desired models with trade and equity valued in one click. Drill down to your hottest customer contacts in real-time. Based on 9-point BlackBook list clean-up. 

Early adapters have reported results of up to 17% of their revenue influenced by communication included in the Equity Accelerator within their first 21 days of initiating the messaging streams. 


Service Boost - Declined Service Recapture Messaging

An addition to our proven Service Accelerator, Service Boost uses Declined Service Recapture Messaging to quickly revert customers back to your service bays and win back service revenue. First announced in March, the streams are a valuable way to build trust, transparency and loyalty with customers, communicating declined repairs to customers in a strategic sequence that drives them back to your dealership before they go elsewhere. Our dealers have since reported outstanding results with upward of 31% of their service revenue influenced by Service Boost messaging. 

With numerous benefits, our unique code mapping capability also opens up universal implementation for up to 30 decline codes with dealer-defined key areas of service defection recognized. Nightly recipient data pulls and robust reporting include output lists for a seamless marketing handoff.

Contract End Messaging

Initiate communication with customers whose contract is ending soon and provide them with information on potential equity and solicit your in-demand used vehicle makes and models. Calls to actions connect engaged opportunities to your online inventory, specials and other conversion tools for trade-in evaluations and contact forms. Ongoing campaigns work daily based upcoming finance contract expiration and customer journey behavior and are dynamically personalized to the customer record.

Lease End Messaging

Initiate contact to remind customer of their lease contract ending soon and provide them with information on how to prepare their vehicle for return to dealership and inform them of their options to buy out vehicle or lease another vehicle or return vehicle. Similar to Contract End Messaging, calls to action include links to new inventory, contact us, and dealer specials and includes BDC follow-up call lists from personalized campaigns that generates daily based on customers with an upcoming lease expiration and customer status. 

Picking up where our other Accelerators leave off, Contract Ending and Lease Ending communication streams are both included in our improved Smart Sales Accelerator

Blue Sky Dashboards

Our Blue Sky Dashboards provide unprecedented data mining, analytics, and actionable insights as the engine behind influencing consumer behavior and purchase intent. With Prospect, Sold, Service, and Retention data and performance metrics at your fingertips, we've found that consumers that our dashboards identify as service or sales Well Qualified Opportunities are 8 times more likely to service their vehicle and 10 times more likely purchase respectively.

Blue Sky Dashboard Recommendations

Blue Sky Recommendations take a deeper dive into all of a dealership's contact data, engaged opportunities, and ability to mine that data easily. It includes lease and warranty expiration, contract ends, upcoming service appointment, declined service, and positive equity analytics with recommended notifications that ensure you are interacting with those most likely to immediately convert.

Blue Sky Dashboard Driver Influences

Gain even further insight into how campaigns are contributing to your dealership's direct bottom line with details like gross and net sales and service revenues influenced with visual cues and actual breakouts. This powerful board helps dealers quickly assess overall performance in order to make smarter, more efficient, and most affordable marketing decisions.

Blue Sky Dashboards give auto dealers a better way to identify the many untapped pockets of opportunity and claim new revenue that's currently being left on the table every month. Combined with our powerful business intelligence platform and a proprietary behavior-based model, the Blue Sky Dashboards are essential to the way dealers set and achieve sales and service objectives. 


Contact us today. We look forward to finding more ways to help you accelerate your dealership forward in success.