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In follow up to her latest Big Idea, 4 KEYS TO DRIVING OPPORTUNITY ON THE ROAD BACK TO RECOVERY IN AUTOMOTIVE, Kristen Judd gives more thought to the idea of “future-proofing” the dealership.Continue reading to find out more about what that means and how 3 Birds’  dealers are grabbing a bigger piece of the market share.

The phrase “future-proofing” your dealership is one we’ve heard often that becomes especially important now when the future seems more uncertain than it ever has. We’ve witnessed first-hand how a pandemic can not only pause an industry but an entire country and world. 3 Birds has weathered some peaks and valleys over our decade in business and we’ve combined our experience with our technology to do just that - help dealers future proof their own businesses.

The key is really in the converging concepts in what we call The Road Back:

  1. Consumer Confidence
  2. The Smaller Pie
  3. Further Operational Interruptions and Challenges
  4. Maximizing Opportunities and Resources

In a nutshell, leveraging digital tools and processes that facilitate human relationships and position the dealership to build trust and consumer confidence. Having agility in those same digital tools and processes already in place to help us think about how we can be on our toes and plan for the next wave of events that could potentially interrupt business as usual.

Automotive retail is a game of inches not miles.

Now more than ever, every single sale counts, and every single RO counts, so how can dealers make sure they keep their customers coming back?

  • They can carry forward any special measures taken during COVID lock-down that customers appreciated as a part of the everyday protocol. This doesn’t mean they have to maintain a purely touchless sales model, but there are elements that some consumers will consider the new normal. Incorporate those but realize that as the second-largest purchase people make in their lives, the current buying behavior still overwhelmingly involves a store visit to smell the new leather and enjoy the experience.
  • They can leverage smart technology designed to always be running in the background, developing new first-party data and learning consumer interest and intent in order to dynamically generate highly relevant content to help lead them down the path to purchase and build long-term relationships.
  • This technology should provide information dealers need to make informed business decisions and provide valuable training so they are able to maximize resources on top of serving up prospects, sales, service, and retention opportunities on a silver platter.

In the way that dealers were deemed essential businesses, we are proud to have been recognized by those dealerships that have partnered with 3 Birds to be an essential business to them. It’s a testament not just to the technology and intelligence that’s baked into our platform, it’s also the quality of the content that we're delivering. It’s the type of content today’s consumers are seeking.

We’re especially proud of the attentive and supportive approach from our Performance Team. There was no playbook for what we’ve just been through and our Digital Strategists never hesitated to roll up their sleeves alongside our dealer-clients, staying focused on doing what was right even if it was maybe something outside the scope of what we do. We truly believe that we were and still are all in it together and it’s forged even stronger partnerships along the way.

It’s the dealers’ job to pick their partners and we feel it’s important for partners to work well together. We want to make sure that the value we add to our clients is not just incremental but exponential so that they can maximize the return on their marketing and advertising investment.

A hallmark of 3 Birds is that we provide marketing and messaging that doesn’t feel like marketing because it is highly relevant. We use all the data that is currently available while generating additional data so that everything that we're communicating about is increasingly personalized to the point where it doesn't seem like an obtrusive hard sell, it just feels helpful.

Our goal is to put tools right at our clients’ fingertips. 3 Birds stands at the intersection of marketing and sales. We continuously fill and stoke the upper funnel, anticipating interest and continuing to nurture it into low -funnel purchase intent, before handing the baton back to the dealership for the good sales process at the dealership to take over. It’s the marriage of digital and the human element because even with digital retailing, the best, most lasting experiences still involve a person-to-person connection. We enable this by approaching data and dashboarding with a full view of marketing, sales and service, and operational performance to provide data you can market on and data you can train on. 

We invite you to reach out to us to schedule a strategy session if you are interested in learning more about 3 Birds solutions. 

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Kristen Judd

CEO & Co-Founder