[Infographic] Email Isn't Dead

30.10.20 01:40 AM By Gina

Bring Your Marketing Strategy Back to Life Without Killing Your Budget

You’ve probably heard that email marketing is dead. So we thought today, the eve of Halloween, was a good time to share a few statistics that prove just the opposite. Email marketing is essential to keeping you marketing strategy alive, in fact! With a potential return on investment up to 4400% - you should be more afraid of not harnessing the power of this tool. 

And let's be clear. Email isn't only alive and well today. It's here to stay. The average email subscriber receives 13 commercial emails a day. And 99% of us check those emails daily, up to 20 times a day. And while you may believe you can get out in front of your consumers for free on social media, the overall engagement rate is just short of .6% for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram compared to overall email open rates upwards of 23% across all industries and more than 3.5% clickthrough rates accordingly. 

3 Birds Emails Consistently Perform Over the Industry Average:

When it comes down to it, however, more than half of email is classified as spam. So it's more important than ever to use smart data and platforms with deep behavior-based personalization. Get the most bang for your buck by consolidating your data into one system and use the content and creative across your marketing channels and partners for a cohesive message. Strong analytics and unified dashboard views will help you make better data-based marketing decisions. 

So let's get to the reason you are here. Check out our Halloween themed infographic below proving once and for all that EMAIL'S NOT DEAD. Then give us a howl and let us help you bring your own email marketing strategy back to life.