Deeper Data Insights Accelerate Leads Despite Shifts in the Market

31.01.21 10:48 PM By Gina

Consumer buying habits have changed. With less initial face-to-face interaction, acquiring purchase-ready leads in real-time is becoming even more difficult for car dealerships. But it does not have to be....

Customers are visiting dealerships less now than ever before. According to McKinsey, the average buyer visits 1.6 auto dealerships while car shopping compared to an average of 5 a decade ago. With less initial face-to-face interaction, acquiring leads is becoming even more difficult for car dealerships, but it does not have to be.

Personalize It

According to Accenture, 63% of consumers wanted to receive personalized recommendations. Dealerships have mountains of data and do not use it all to its fullest potential. Data helps dealerships determine what stage a customer is on in their customer lifecycle journey. The lack of high-quality data is the second highest barrier to lead generation. Understanding your audience helps generate more leads and the unused data can help you understand them better. This data can help personalize recommendations and the overall user experience in store and online.

The Shift

Consumer buying habits have shifted online over the past decade and a lot throughout the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this shift, customer interest and experience begins before they even step foot into a dealership. This makes data and the customer lifecycle even more important. The dealership used to be the initial point of contact, but now it is websites.

How We Fit In

3 Birds’ Lead Accelerator will allow you to close more leads - and close them faster. Shown to increase online lead conversions by up to 73% and reduce days to close by 27%, Lead Accelerator is geared to giving your dealership a fast start with dynamic lead responses and quick wins on VIN-specific inventory- and behavioral-based follow-ups. It's always on and always working regardless of store hours or staffing. And it's always getting smarter gathering more and more data with every connected interaction. 


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