Behavioral Data Is Hot!

18.11.20 06:04 PM By Gina

The Power of 3 Birds' Business Intelligence Platform Will Set Your Dealership's Brand on Fire.

Our first blog in a series covered the basics of behavioral data and begs to continue where "How we do it" left off.  You see, 3 Birds goes beyond predictions and algorithms. We use each piece of consumer and vehicle data rather than a fraction of it.  But no...really...HOW do we do it?  With the power of data, content, marketing automation, and CX within our Customer and Business Intelligence Platform. 

Proven and Evolved Tech

Technology has evolved and is continuing to advance. It allows our vehicles to be safer, computers to be faster, phones to be smarter, and that is not all. Proven and evolved technology allows dealerships to use more of their data than ever before.

Why is this important?

"There is more data than ever sitting out there, it contains invaluable information, yet most online businesses only analyze website and mobile application traffic, page clicks and user purchases. There is a massive world beyond that," says Dan Schoenbaum, CEO of Cooladata.

Full Stack Technology

Full stack technology is configured by optimized integration between front and back end systems, products, and data for turnkey functionality with an agile approach. The front end is the user interface, while the back end consists of the database and operating system. It provides the ability to easily layer partner infrastructure for interconnected use.

3 Birds is not the only company with full stack technology. Take a look at Netflix, Uber, Tesla, or Apple. All these companies have implemented this technology. It allows them and us to better understand our customers, their needs, and their wants.

Kristen Judd, CEO of 3 Birds, said, “Unlike some companies that have grown through acquisition and bolted different software together, the 3 Birds platform is fully-integrated to work because we built it from the ground up to work this way. We're a full stack start up.”

The Customer Experience

The utilization of full stack technology allows us to personalize and enhance the customer experience. Our platform allows us to organize customer data across different software and channels, including the CRM and DMS. Data collected in real-time creates customer profiles based on individuals rather than a demographic. This data allows 3 Birds to personalize customer interaction. According to Accenture, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.

How We Do It

Our complete consumer journey and lifecycle communications platform allows us to get the most out of a dealerships data. We use it all. A dealership’s database is its greatest asset. 3 Birds’ Blue Sky Dashboards allow our dealerships to identify untapped customer opportunity. It provides a better understanding of the consumer at every point in the customer lifecycle, which correlates directly to increased revenue and customer retention.

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