Recapture Declined Service Customers with Service Boost

18.03.20 08:25 AM By Gina

Finding Opportunities in Declined Services

Declined Recommended Services

When customers refuse a recommended service, it’s easy to drop our shoulders and start playing the waiting game - waiting for the customer to decide whether to take their vehicle to another business to perform the service that you originally suggested. *SIGH. But what if you looked at your declined services a prime opportunity instead?

First...let’s back up. 

Studies have found that Service is generally under-represented:

    Six out of ten dealerships have less than five pages of service-related website content.

    $250K additional service department revenue that the average dealership could realize each year by adding just 3 repair orders each day.

Declined service customers are a valuable low-funnel segment that can help bridge that larger gap and open a large source of untapped revenue and retention for your dealership!


Declined Services Recapture Messaging is a Game Changer

No longer does your dealership need to rely relied on manual records and customer reminders about services declined in the past - or worse, losing out to a competitor. Quickly re-capture customers to your service bays and win-back service revenue.  As we continue to pursue a strong drive for adding value to our dealers through new products and communication strategies here at 3 Birds, we’ve added Declined Service Recapture Messaging to our Recommended Service communication streams.

According to industry standards, you could be realizing:

    Increased dollars per repair order = $357 each

    Increased service customer retention (SCR)

    High response rates = 8.5%


Bonus Points in Customer Experience

Your dealership is now able to quickly re-capture customers to the service bays, win-back service revenue, and complete an important part of the customer lifecycle with added value in a way that builds trust, transparency, and loyalty with your customers. Communicate declined repairs to customers in a strategic sequence that gets them back into your service drive before they go elsewhere:

  • Re-pitch the repair(s) after the customer has left the service drive
  • Personalized messaging of exact services that were declined
  • Service department/BDC follow-up call lists
  • Increased retention and customer loyalty
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased Repair Orders (ROs)
  • Address reasons why to get service(s) done
    • Protect Warranties
    • Protect Investment
    • Improved Fuel Efficiency
    • Reduce Risk of Costly Breakdowns
    • Peace of Mind - Safe, Dependable Transportation

We can even help you identify those customers who might be more ready for a trade-in than more repairs. Now you’re really adding value!

Give Customers Peace of Mind

Not to use fear-based tactics, but let’s take a look at that last benefit. Declined service marketing is about more than just money, it’s about being about responsible partner! It is a protective measure for consumers and dealerships alike. Not to be over-dramatic, but failure to recommend a declined service repair could not only cost your dealership big money, but possibly a life. Informing customers of declined service repairs not only protects their safety, but it also prevents further damage to their vehicle and establishes trust with your dealership


Measurable Results

What more is in it for you? Our Blue Sky Dashboard provides insight into:

    Number of people who declined a service

    The number of people who received the Recommended Service Accelerator communication and opened the email.

     The number of people who received the Recommended Service Accelerator communication and clicked through to schedule an appointment.

    The number of people who received the Recommended Service Accelerator communication and opened the email.

    The number of CP RO$ of people who returned to the dealership to have services performed

    PLUS you get the Service Department/ BDC Call Lists delivered

Don’t Overlook Declined Service Opportunities

Declined services happen. We encourage you to look at them as an opportunity to make money and build better service relationships.  If you aren’t already targeting declined service customers, take a fresh look at 3 Birds and let our Business Intelligence Platform do all the heavy lifting:

    Universal Op Code mapping with customized key areas of service defection defined

    Robust reporting

    Nightly data reporting

    Output lists


  Learn more about how 3 Birds Marketing is taking Service Messaging to the next level with Declined Service Recapture Messaging. 

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