18.03.20 07:36 AM By Gina

A Bird's Eye View

Several members of the 3 Birds’ team flew west for the winter to kick off Valentine’s Day showing our dealers and partners some love at the NADA Show 2020 in Las Vegas from our booth in the north hall.  Industry leaders, manufacturers, exhibitors, and other key players all converge at the annual conference and exposition to learn the latest tools, tactics and industry trends, see the hottest new automotive products and technologies (like ours!), and make important connections in a way that only the National Automobile Dealers Association can provide.We were honored to participate!

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary as a responsible business partner in automotive - pushing the industry forward with a fresh approach to business intelligence - we entered 2020 with a bird’s eye view towards our dealers’ success, attending the NADA Show to learn more about challenges dealers face today and demonstrate how our dynamic, integrated, automated marketing and data management platform can help address these challenges.

So we’ve pulled together an overview of a few key takeaways that we overheard from dealers at the show.

    1. Dealers believe that investing in first-party data and leads is important.
    2. Dealers desire a consolidated view of all their data.
    3. Dealers value the importance of quality, timely, and relevant communication with their prospects and customers.

Importance of First-Party Data

First-party data isn’t a trendy marketing buzzword that will fade in time. While it may just recently finding a new moment in the sun as a clear path to progressive business, first-party data is certainly the future of marketing; an indispensable resource and invaluable asset your dealership needs to truly succeed to:

    Drive customer lifecycle marketing strategies

    Promote your brand sales and service in a compliant and privacy-controlled manner

    Turn unknown visitors and low-funnel consumers into existing customers!

The same can technically be said for third-party data secured from (you guessed it) third parties. Considering what we know about third-party data, it falls short in several key areas — including and especially its dependability, trustworthiness, effectiveness, and ultimately the performance of online (and offline) efforts. This may seem obvious. But what may not be as clear for many dealers in automotive is how to transition from the reliance on third-party data to a first-party data marketing approach. We can help.

Consolidating Your Data

Consumer behavior has changed. They are more connected (and fickle!) then ever. Their path to purchase is hardly linear as they zig and zag between brands, sites, blogs, physical showroom floor, and more. How can your dealership keep up with the customer's path to purchase? 

Well, we invite you to fly into our Blue Sky. In a world of a million customer touchpoints and interactions, our dynamic, integrated, automated marketing and data management platform works to aggregate, organize, and collect data from a variety of first-, second-, and third-party data sources, including your DMS and CRM, to deliver a unique, unified view into your customers’ minds and needs. It recognizes and adapts to the twists and turns along today’s customer journey and vehicle lifecycle. Our comprehensive marketing loop then uses content to anticipate interests and nurture it into full-blown, low-funnel purchase intenders. Data you can market on. Data you can train on. It’s what we do!

The Importance of a Contact Strategy

Now that you are growing a quality first-party database, you are able to generate greater relevance of content and more personalized communication with greater customer insight at less risk to your business! We can help you optimize your customer experience for different profile segments by lead, service, smart sales, and retention with the ability to deliver the right message at the right time. Our technology is some powerful stuff! But our approach continues to put your customers at the heart of your data strategy.

These are just a few of the many hot topics discussed at NADA Show 2020. At the end of the day, the same dealers that shared with us their challenges told us that they were there to find a real solution. That that they weren't sure how and that the task and the expo hall had become quite daunting. That's why they're interested in working with us here at 3 Birds. After finding out what we do, they say we're a breath of fresh air.



You're gonna love what you see!