5 Basic Views to Keep Watch on Your Online Reputation

06.03.20 06:15 AM By Gina

Brand is perception. Reputation becomes reality!

Online Reputation Management

Your brand is what you do. But your reputation? Now that’s something that people will remember! That said, social media and reputation management for car dealers is a bit different from other marketing efforts. While the content for other channels allows us to carefully craft your message, consumers are in the driver’s seat of social and review content.


Just like you must listen to the story your data is telling you from all your other digital marketing channels, how well you listen and respond to online feedback makes a lasting impact on customer acquisition and retention by building connections and trust. We can help put you in the driver’s seat of those conversations with review-building email. 


In fact, it’s been widely known that approximately 70% of consumers who are asked to leave reviews for local businesses do so! While some customers may take initiative to leave a review without the nudge, most won’t. So it’s important that you get into the habit of always requesting a review from your customers.

Our review-building email provides organic reviews across all the most important sites; generating more positive reviews while also keeping negative reviews offline. It’s not designed to survey your customers, but simply get your happy customers online and leaving positive reviews (and keeping unhappy customers offline!), following up with your valued customer via email after each sale and closed repair order (RO).

Another important part of our reputation management package is giving dealers access to our Neighborhood Watch app within our business intelligence platform. Neighborhood Watch allows you to monitor your top online review sites (star-rating trends and total review counts month over month) as well as track the online reputation performance of up to five competing dealerships in your primary market area (PMA) - all in one dashboard! 

We’ve identified 5 important steps in building positive reviews, and included them as the 5 sections directly within our Reputation App: Dashboard, Total Reviews, Star Rating Trend, Review Distribution, and Competitor Watch.

Dashboard Views

The Dashboard displays your competitors in various forms including a list, a pinned location map view, and a graphic table that outlines the average competitor comparisons by review site that can be drilled down to specific dealership scores to compare against the average of all competitor’s score for that site with links out to the actual dealership’s review page. 

Total Reviews

The Total Reviews Section provides insights into review trends or each review site with easy hover functionality to break down the graph into the date ranges to which you are interested.

Star Rating Trends

Similar to the Total Reviews section, the Star Rating Trends shows a trending graph of review averages across time for each review site, as well as a chart to display the review average by month for each review site. Additional information is found within the graph with a simple hover. 

Review Distribution

The Review Distribution section uses a pie chart to compare current review distribution vs review distribution for a specific day. Again, more detail can be found by hovering over the review site, review count on the given day, and the percentage.

Competitor Watch

Drum roll please….

Our most popular feature is in the Competitor Watch section, giving you visibility to the review activity of your competitors to compare averages with links directly to all specific review pages. 

You know your reputation is important and you do so much to affect positive change in your community. You deserve to add perpetual positive reviews in turn! You deserve better. We invite you to reach out to us to schedule a strategy session if you are interested in learning more about 3 Birds solutions!

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